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I'm Florentina Surel, a generalist illustrator & visual artist living in Copenhagen. I currently focus on everything illustration-wise inside Peakon.

With a background in Fine Arts and an internship in a large agency, I learnt where to draw the line between creativity and practicality, and my aim is always to build illustrations that work perfectly for their intended environment, whether that be a website, app, magazine, ad campaign, social media medium.

Project permitting, I like to inject some humour wherever I can, be it in form of a pun word, dad joke, meme culture, etc.



Peakon (full-time) / Son of a Tailor / VARIO by Velux / Depfu / Copenhell & Heartland festivals / Magnetix linked by Isobar / Rema 1000 / Oreo


2021 - Magic & Art, interview for IQads (RO)
2019 - Interview with Speaking with Birches
2017 - October in Ink, interview for IQads (RO)


2018 - Tiny art Big ideas / Collective art exhibition in support of an Anti-suicide fundraise
2015 - Collective art exhibition inside „Atelier 35 – Iaşi”
2014 - Collective art exhibition named „Interior Exterior"
2012 - High school's biannual literary magazine Sui Generis

Featured work

2021 - Collective Arts Brewing, Spring edition
2020 - Peakon's Heartbeat website featured on Muzli
2017 - Festival maps for Copenhell and Heartland
2016 - Shortlisted animation, Isobar Competition
2015 - Mural drawing in a Galician restaurant

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© Florentina Surel - All rights reserved.
© Florentina Surel - All rights reserved.
© Florentina Surel - All rights reserved.
© Florentina Surel - All rights reserved.